LEDs vs Traditional Lighting Solutions

led-bulbsAre you thinking of updating your light fittings? Are you conscious of saving money? Do you like to conserve energy and make small changes in protecting the environment?

If so, then you should consider replacing your outdated and old-fashioned bulbs with LED fixtures. LED stands for light-emitting diode, which is fast becoming a vital source of light in our lives.

There are many reasons why traditional incandescent light bulbs, along with fluorescent tubes are decreasing in popularity. Let’s take a look at why LEDs are a superior lighting choice when fitting out your property, whether it’s your home, your office, retail premises or industrial workplace.

Save Money on Your Electricity Bills

One of the biggest differences that you’ll notice when switching from traditional lighting solutions to LED lighting solutions will be a significant drop in the cost of your electricity bills. Due to its lower voltage usage, LEDs typically use 40 – 75% less power than other light sources. This is because the incandescent bulb produces light via a heat source which requires much more energy, whereas LEDs generate little or no heat, thus are more cost-effective.

Make a Positive Change on Energy Consumption

Using LED lighting increases energy efficiency, to such an extent that it can reduce the air pollutants and emissions that are produced by electricity power plants. So not only will your wallet be happier, but the environment will be too!

The Lifespan is Nothing Short of Impressive

LEDs have an exceptionally long life, lasting treble the length of time you’d get from older light technologies. Not to mention, unlike the usual ‘blow’ or ‘bust’ of the incandescent light bulb – which is immediately inconvenient – an LED system slowly fades in light intensity, so you are not stuck in the dark. Literally!

Location, Location, Location!

Do you need a light source in a small space? Or perhaps you want to provide high visibility outside? A great advantage over traditional lighting solutions is that LED lighting systems can be used almost anywhere! They operate well in both hot and cold temperatures, which make them great for outdoor applications. Instead of the typical glass bulb and filament that is fragile and easily broken, they are made with epoxy lenses, ensuring durability; so that despite its tiny size, can light up even the smallest of gaps.

It Shows Truer Colours

Incandescent or sodium-vapour lights cause a warm and excessively yellow or orange appearance with lots of shadows. You only need to look at how poor visibility is under the orange street lamps! A benefit that LEDs have is that they emit light in one direction, so even when we use a ‘dimmer’ button, the view should be clearer.

Whatever your requirements, whether you are after office LED lighting, commercial LED lighting or even domestic fittings, there will be something to suit the style you are looking for. In contrast to more dated lighting solutions, LEDs come in various correlated colour temperatures. This means that you can choose your aesthetic, depending on the site. The colours can be a warm yellow or cool white light, along with any others on the colour spectrum! An LED specialist can give you advice for the appropriate brightness and colour to suit your setting.


Never Worry About Fire Hazards

Do you worry about leaving lights on when you leave the house at night? Traditional incandescent lighting emits a huge amount of heat, as sometimes up to 90% of energy is converted, leading to the risk of fire if a lamp is next to flammable materials. There is less chance of an LED electrical system sparking, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you can leave the lights on for an extended period of time without any damage occurring.

They Even Preserve History!

And finally, did you know that unlike other sources of lighting, LEDs don’t produce any ultraviolet light? If you are an avid antique collector or own a collection of paintings, you’ll know that they’ll degrade at an increased rate when exposed to UV. That’s why LED lighting solutions are an indisputable requirement when showcasing these pieces of the past.

As you can see, there are numerous advantages over traditional lighting solutions, so why not check out available premium services online to replace your lights today!