Tips on how to spend less on your business electricity bill

How To Save Loads Of $$$ On Your Electricity Bill …

Simple but super-smart decisions like switching to LED lighting, keeping lights and computers turned off after office hours, recycling papers, etc – can help you save big on recurrent bills. While taking these cost-cutting steps may seem like a waste of time and resources in the beginning, they can save you a whole lot of electricity bills–in the long run.

Unfortunately, most businesses still use significantly higher electricity than they need to, which results in an increase in the cost of running their business.

Reducing monthly electricity costs is one great way to reduce those recurring company overheads. Energy efficient bulbs and devices is way to go in 2019. In fact, you can never go wrong making the switch to energy saving smart devices, office equipment/supplies, and LED light bulbs in the office or your place of business.

Today’s business owners must embrace the culture of responsible energy consumption – not just for the sake of being ‘green-conscious’ – but also to dramatically reduce the cost of doing business.

Now that we have your full attention, why not make the switch to LED lighting for a start?









Why Make the Switch To LED ?

Over the past several years, LED lighting have replaced many of the age-long traditional bulbs for a reason: These bulbs have proven to be more efficient and better for the environment and has overtime emerged as first choice for homes and offices.

In an attempt to reduce overhead cost, business owners almost always consider staff layoff, cost of equipment, marketing and operations – but never really look into cost of electricity because they see it as fixed rather than a variable cost.

Well, now that you know electricity costs can be significantly reduced just by making the switch to LED lighting, here are some other super benefits to consider..


How Do I Make The Switch To LED ?

It’s simple, quick and inexpensive. And remember that with LEDs, the days of overbearing electricity bills and maintenance costs are decisively over!

We’re focused on developing solutions that enhance your business and lifestyle. So, consider us your go-to when looking to make that cost-saving switch to LED lighting.












  • LED lights are more efficient than traditional bulbs since they consume far less energy
  • They’re a lot more simpler, quicker and inexpensive to install
  • In comparison to traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs, LEDs can burn for a staggering 60,000 hours and go 10 to 20X longer
  • LEDs are low-maintenance, meaning you can install right away and have little to worry about for years to come
  • Even though LED lights cost more at time of purchase, overtime, it’s a lot more cost effective than regular bulbs since it uses far less energy
  • Lower heat outputs mean your office stays cooler and safer as it rarely aid accidental fires
  • LEDs come in a whole range of cool colors to meet your specific lighting and aesthetic needs
  • Lower C02 emissions translate to less riskof toxic materials like mercury


What You Can Expect ? 

  • Friendly, professional and qualified staff     
  • Thorough inspection
  • Expert advice and feedback                     
  • Free quotation
  • Installation and quality service delivery
  • Prompt and reliable service


What’s More ?

  • Durability – LEDs are more durable than other types of bulbs because they’re made from solid semiconductors and are therefore less fragile. They’re also not easily broken when mistakenly dropped.
  • LEDs contain only very little glass therefore reducing the risk of injury, especially to children when broken.


Now, while other lights have their benefits, LEDs clearly come out tops in a variety of ways. With an LED light source, you can never go wrong!

Ready to make the switch? Do it quick and easy with us by getting in touch right here